Monday, December 1, 2008

A Washable Backsplash, Yay!

Know what makes a bad backsplash?? Flat paint...

Know what makes a good backsplash?? Tile!

A few weeks from looking straight down the nose of a stagnant real estate market, we've been doing some "enhancement" projects around the house. One of the first, was addressing the dirty backsplash in our kitchen. Since the surface consisted of flat paint, our options were pretty much limited to repainting the whole kitchen or installing some sweet subway tiles, so we picked the later. Already having all the materials except the tiles on hand, it was a pretty simple project. 

Before: The first row goes up

Midway: Tiles are up, no grout

After: Grouted and ready to be splattered with tomatoe sauce

Since the total area was less than 25 sq.ft., we used a premixed mortar and grout. This saved loads of time opposed to mixing small batches of the powdered stuff. Great stuff! The brand was Tile Perfect, I'd recommend it to anyone with a similar project.


Sara said...

worky work, busy bee! very cool look. best of luck on the sale.

Amy Kingman said...

ooh! Classy touch! Looks awesome!

Jen said...

looks great steph!