Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day at the Library of Congress

One place I've spent a massive amount of time browsing is the Library of Congress Digital Archives. It almost sounds smart to spend that much time in a library, even if it's only virtually!

The archives are full of old photos free of copy right restrictions (for the most part.) Combine that with some Flikr inspiration found in pennylrichardsca's photostream and suddenly I've got a nearly instant personalized Father's Day gift.

Here's the concoction:

This picture from the digital archives, which I believe might
be the original pagoda at the track (or at least one like it.)


This picture I took of the 2009 Indy 500 Pace Car


This gift for my dad.
(I love the way the guy in the front is eye-ing that hot ride!)

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Hopefully, you don't get your computer fixed till after this weekend...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dog Olympics

One item on my neglected list of 28 for 28 was to donate my time. You might remember this post a few months ago about volunteering through photography. I contacted my favorite animal rescue organization, ARPO, and volunteered to take pictures at different events. Here are my favorites from their annual Dog Olympics fundraiser a few weekend ago.

Anticipation building before the Pie Eating Contest.
(The people ate regular pies and the pups ate cupcakes from a dog bakery.)

One of a litter of adoptable puppies and one of the youngest volunteers.

The winner for the Bark Contest, by a landslide.
(A surprising amount of stage freight going around that day!)

To see the whole set, click here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Perfect Storm for Photography

Last night, "the perfect storm" for photographing lightning passed just north of our home. It was really fun to play with manual camera settings and enjoy the beautiful show the skies were performing.

I set the camera up on the tripod and used the remote to control the shutter. For the pictures from earlier in the evening, I cranked the aperture nearly as high as I could to allow for a longer shutterspeeds without being over exposed. As night fell, I continued to lengthen the shutterspeed to increase my chances of catching a strike.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Sky Timeline

Saturday evening, Scott and I were driving home from Danville. We were in seperate cars at the time, I was following, one eye in front of me and one eye on the sky. The sun shining through the clouds was beautiful. All the sudden Scott pulled over and said we have to get a shot of thoughts exactly.

We enjoyed the little stop, took a few shots, and continued on our way. About the time we're rolling into Lebanon, 30 minutes up the road, Scott calls on the cell phone to tell me a funnel cloud was spotted a few miles north of Lebanon. Evidently, over my singing along with the radio, I didn't hear the tornado siren going off in town. I spent the rest of the ride home, about 30 more minutes listening to local talk radio station.

The radio advised of a possible tornado headed toward Sheridian at 8:45, just the time we'd be driving though! We decided to forge ahead. I took this shot out the window on our way into town.

We finally made it home where we proceeded to stand outside and take in the amazing depth of colors in the sky. Luckily, we never saw any funnel clouds or tornados, and the skys finally calmed down after the sun went down. These last two shots are from our place.

Anyone remember the end of Ghost Busters? Same sky...