Monday, March 23, 2009

Pits on Parade

Ever since my friend, Amy, sent me this link about giving through photography I've been wanting to take action, but of course, I haven't... Part of my reluctance steams from a lack of confidence in my work...So, this weekend I did a little "test shoot" with my parents pack.

Meet Max and Deacon, both shelter adoptees, both very spoiled...



Max refusing to do a trick without a treat.
(Like I said, spoiled!)


Jen said...

Your pics are great Steph. Love the second one of Max. BTW, say hi to Coach for Car :)

Sara Therese said...

Steph - you could totally do this. What do you have to lose? No one is judging you. You have a great talent with photography, and paired with your love of pups it would be such a homerun. I say go for it!