Monday, March 23, 2009

Pits on Parade

Ever since my friend, Amy, sent me this link about giving through photography I've been wanting to take action, but of course, I haven't... Part of my reluctance steams from a lack of confidence in my work...So, this weekend I did a little "test shoot" with my parents pack.

Meet Max and Deacon, both shelter adoptees, both very spoiled...



Max refusing to do a trick without a treat.
(Like I said, spoiled!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring, come on down!

The first sign of spring in my backyard!

Breakfast @ the Uptown Cafe (#19)

A little update on the 28 for 28 list, and yes, I'm a bit behind on posting. Is it me or 09' flying by?!

So for February's new place (#19) it was off to Noblesville for Breakfast at the Uptown Cafe on the southwest corner of the courthouse square. 

The building won't blow you away, kinda looks like someone gave up in the middle of a paint job...

But the inside is super cute!

The menu is pretty basic, but tasty, and the cook is right behind the counter making all those yummy breakfast delights.

Bottom line:
A great place to grab a quick bite and cup of coffee before hitting the Saturday morning auction.