Thursday, January 1, 2009

28 while 28

In a mere 28 days, I will be 28 years old. Inspired by those who've created birthday lists before me and for the fun of making lists, below is 28 to-do's while being 28. Some of these are simple, some are much larger commitments, but all I've wanted to do and haven't got to, YET!  

Without further ado and in no particular order:

1. Find ways to reduce the number of paper towels we use in our home

2. Adopt a signature cocktail, by trial and error method   

3. Find the perfect frame for my PE license   

4. Paint a diptych style work 

5. Take a European vacation with good friends  

6. Attend a new local festival   

7. Begin an on-going album of my favorite photos  

8. Teach Lex to not jump on guests   

9. Create a mobile    

10. Perfect a coffee cake recipe  

11. Take (at least) one portrait a month   

12. Get an Etsy shop up and running 

13. Improve my mini-triathlon time by 8 minutes   

14. Successfully get up on the wake board   

15. Create a series of miniatures pictures  

16. Sew a quilt   

17. Attempt to make pepper jelly   

18. Read Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

19. Visit at least one new place, shop, restaurant, event in Indy each month   

20. Plant (and maintain) an herb garden for the summer 

21. Find a way to volunteer my time and do it! 

22. Complete the mini-marathon 

23. Finish my sewing bag   

24. Adopt another family for Christmas through the United Way  

25. Take a vacation with just Scott 

26. Clean out my closet, donate what I don't wear, and organize it in a maintainable way   

27. Visit the IMA and picnic in the gardens

28. Send out greeting cards for a random holiday  

And now I'm off to get started.  Update posts coming soon!

Wanna check out those inspiring birthday lists?! Here ya go:


Jen said...

Go Steph! I'm super excited about number 5 and wish we could be there to help with #2! I'm sure you'll be able to work your way through this list in a year. And I have to admit that I think starting a local festival should count towards # 6!

Sara Therese said...

Love your list! A few thoughts:

2) Kelly was just talking about making Scotch her signature drink. Well, it was more like "I wish I could be a Scotch Girl"

8) We've been watching a lot of Dog Whisperer over the past week, and it's amazing how well his methods work. Ruby's level of excitement when guests arrive is over the top, so we're with you on the no jumping on guests.

9) Mobile - do you have something to tell us?

You know I'm down for helping cross things off the list. Game on - welcome aboard!

carebear said...

wow - i never thought of this sort of thing! and they say its the little things in life that make the big pic! so going to write a goal list! thanks for this! was brill! x

Amy Kingman said...

Love this list!!! At the rate that you've been rocking stuff for your blog you'll be through this list before March! :D Can't wait to see all the fun stuff and hopefully participate in a few of these. Hooray!!!

Sue said...

Great list! I can't wait to do another triathlon with you!