Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Late Lunch @ Zing - #19 for JAN

With the end of the month rapidly approaching, time was running out for me to visit a new place in Indy for the month, #19 on the 28 for 28 list.  So today, I finally pulled myself out of my winter hibernation and went out for a late lunch at Zing, and double-bonus, Scott was in Indy today for work!

Contrary to the historic exterior, the interior at Zing is floor to ceiling contemporary. Check out the sweet ball-chain bead curtain!

Zing describes itself as "a small plate dining experience.  Rather than offering individual starters and main courses, ZING serves dishes that are designed for sharing among friends and are brought to the table steadily and continuously throughout the meal."

The lunch menu is a little more typical: sandwiches, pizzas, and the like. (but all with a slight twist.) 

Out of shear curiosity, we tried the Stuffed Medjool Dates with Chorizo Sausage and Bacon, an interesting twist of sweet and savory... and bedded on a spicy tomato sauce. A lot going on there.

Scott had the Prime Rib Burger with Blue Cheese. Anything red meat and he's happy!

I had the Eggplant Parmigiana. Could have used more eggplant and less deep fried goodness...

The bottom line: 

A menu full of interesting flavor combinations, which are fun to try and a small commitment, since the non-lunch items come in small portions meant to share. (It's kind of like having a bunch of appetizers for dinner.)

The lunch items are pretty average, but the fries are amazing!

I'd visit again with some friends to explore the dinner menu and some cocktails.


Jen said...

Those fries do look amazing!

Amy Kingman said...

I'm in for your return visit. :)

Beth Carter said...

So you ended up going to check it out for yourself I see. I have to agree with Jen that the Fries do look amazing. You have inspired me to try the place out.

Sara Therese said...

Kudos! I've been wondering about this place. Hope it works on Indiana Ave. I'm with Amy - your next visit has to be at least a table for three.