Sunday, January 4, 2009

Earrings from the Light Box

These are some earrings I made over the weekend and then photographed in the new light box. I might list these on Etsy, but I'd like to hear some feed back on them and on the photography. Give me the good and more importantly the bad! 

This first ones were my personal favorite, but the picture is probably my least favorite. The little turquoise bead at the bottom looks odd from this angle. Maybe I'll reshoot these from a little lower vantage point. 

These last ones I also snapped in front of a colored background. Thought the pearls might be lost with the white background...but I think the white background turned out better... maybe it's because this color looks like it needs a weather map projected over it...kinda green screen effect...not good.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my stuff!!


Jen said...

Hey Steph - I think the 2nd and 3rd pics look great. For the last pair, I like the blue background. In the white one, the metal looks gold instead of silver. Maybe use a less harsh color if you don't like the blue? Another trick I do is put a piece of waxed paper over it. It will dull out the color. Overall nice work though!

Sara Therese said...

1, 3, and 4 are my favs. (All are great, but if I had to pick. . . ) I would definitely like to see what Jen's suggestion of wax paper would do to the blue background. Great idea. Love the green beads in the first pair. A bit of color, yet still that natural feel. Great stuff. Get it on the market!

Steph said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to give the wax paper a try, I might also use different colors! Thanks again!!

Amy Kingman said...

Ooooooh! Pretty earrings!!!! These look awesome! For sale?!

Beth Carter said...

Love the earring Steph. I really like the first ones and the third ones. I think you are going to do very well selling these.
I like the light box idea too. I am thinking of making one for my cakes but it would have to be big and storage would be a problem.