Saturday, December 13, 2008

Photo Weekend - Saturday

Sparkle and Spirit

Today, I put up some more decorations and made some cookies to share. It's amazing what a few strands of lights wound through some garland can do for your mood. 12 Days till Christmas.

The sparkle on my ornament Christmas tree

The spirit of the holidays found making cookies

Shout out with a comment if you've found some sparkle and spirit today! And, don't forget tomorrow is red and green.


Beth Carter said...

Nice Steph. Why to get in the spirit with a short photo week. I am excited. Can't wait to get shooting.

Sara Therese said...

I really want to dive into that cookie dough. No joke. It's my weakness. Great pictures. Love the "speed" challenge. It's hard to stay motivated to take pictures during the winter, but there is so much to capture indoors this time of year.

Jen said...

We had a rough day today... I'm hoping to catch up on photo weekend tomorrow. Nice pics

Amy Kingman said...

Mmmmmmm cookies! Looks delicious. It took me til late Sunday to post my photos, but I've finally got some up! Thanks for hosting a lovely color week!!!