Thursday, December 18, 2008

A bright ornament idea!

Monday night my creative buddy, Amy, had an ornament swap party. Pretty much what it sounds like, some tasty snacks and a little ornament trading among friends!  To keep the hand-made Christmas in tact, I whipped these up Sunday night. 

The only materials required were replacement lights bulbs from the hardware and some wire and beads I already had on hand. The wire is 18 gauge aluminum and it was the perfect stiffness to easily bend yet hold the shape.

I just wrapped the beginning of the wire around the bulb to make a quasi thread around the buld, threaded a bead on the wire, and then bent the rest of the wire into whatever shape I was feeling at the time. As you can tell most were inspired by the color of the bulb. (Not real deep, I know...)

The Collection
(on the right: Blue bulb and rain drop to celebrate Scott and his new job)

A red bulb and heart for the swap

A shamrock for my Irish buddy, Sara

A funky star because orange is awesome!
(With this one I made a little stand, I have no idea why, 
just thought it needed a stand...)


Darling Kelsey said...

where steph... where do you come up with these ideas? is it the white room? damn... i got to get me a white room. admiration is emanating from me...

Jen said...

Your creativity amazes me. Seriously. These are just too cute for words.

Sara Therese said...

This gets my vote for best ornament idea of 2008. Better than anything I've seen out in the blog world this season!

Steph said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! The great thing about these is how easy they were to make, I love that!

Amy Kingman said...

I COMPLETELY agree and just sent this post to One Pretty Thing as a suggestion because I think that the blogging world needs to see these! :D

Super cute! Great job, Steph!