Sunday, December 14, 2008

Photo Weekend - Sunday

Red & Green

The jingle bells on my stocking

A few ornaments hung from our chandelier

Seems like this photo weekend just started yesterday...probably because it did! Anyway, thanks for everyone who shared their festive photos. Merry Christmas!


Sara Therese said...

That is a great shot of your stockings. You have awesome perspective behind the camera. Love your oranments in the kitchen. What a great idea!

Beth Carter said...

Nice stocking Steph. Is that hand made? I like the oranaments as well. I would love to put some above our table like that but I am afraid we would hit our heads on them. :)

Amy Kingman said...

I love the ornaments! That looks awesome! I might have to "borrow" that idea. How fun. :)

Scott W. said...

It's good you shot this photo when you did, because the red ornament on the left is now a shattered mess on the floor. Thanks Lexi!

N.W.O.O. said...

nice photos! happy christmas!