Friday, December 12, 2008

A quick color weekend?!

Anyone up for a Photo Weekend?!...I know it's crazy,  right, like there's not enough to do... 

But, I've been a little low on holiday spirit the last week or so. The only thing that can save the season is a quick and simple Photo Weekend. Here's the throw down:

Saturday: Sparkle and Spirit
Sunday: Classic Red and Green

If your game leave a comment below or on my Saturday or Sunday post. 

In case your new to Photo Week, here's the gist from Jen who put it beautifully when hosted:

"Photo Week has very few rules. The point is to get out there and use your camera, and observe the world around more than you usually do. To participate, simply take pictures any time this week (starting today). Just be sure to post your pictures on the appropriate day. If you can't participate every day, that's fine too. And don't worry about how advanced of a camera you have. Or how advanced your photography skills are. Just get out there and experiment and see how it goes."

And finally a little kick off photo:


Sara Therese said...

Hope it goes without saying - I'm so in. You said "sparkle." I nearly wet myself.

Jen said...

Haha. Ditto Sara.

Steph said...

If I knew that's all it took to get you guys to excited, I would have dropped the sparkle a lot more often!

Amy Kingman said...

I'm in!