Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sewing Bag Zen Moment - #23

Ever had a project that you started, but never finished, and then it loomed over your head for what seems to be FOREVER??  My project is #23 on my list of 28 for 28 and here's the story:

About 4 eons ago, my creative buddy, Amy, and I started these sewing bags. Like most projects, these bags started as a quick project to carrying our sewing stuff between homes. Of course, after some major brainstorming we came up with this not-so-simple sketch with piping and the works.

Fast forward to today, I finally finished the bag! It did turn out large enough to put my whole sewing machine in (if I ever want to take it one the road I'll be good to go), but it will also be great to carry fabric and all my little sewing tools. Mostly I'm just blissfully happy to have it DONE.

Check out these other list items:

#19 (January) - Vistit a new place at least once a month
#11 (January) - Take (at least one) portrait a month


Amy Kingman said...

Oh my gosh that looks freakin AWESOME! I'm so jealous you got yours done! I love what you did with the handles! Those two fabrics looks super awesome together. Nice work!!!! :D Eeeee It makes me excited to get my machine fixed and finish mine!

Jen said...

OMG Steph - that looks awesome. You're a rock star.

Sara Therese said...

Great print on that material. I'm in awe that you two created your own pattern and everything! Congrats on another checkmark and an awesome bag.