Monday, February 2, 2009

Foto Friday - Gone in a flash

January's Foto Friday is all about Flash. FF Co-creator, Jen, wrote a great post on the Flash Compensation settings on her Nikon.  To my slight dismay, my Canon does not have a flash compensation. 

But with the help of Photojojo, I made this handy little diffuser from an old film container. This creation is a quick, low-tech way to tame that flash!

The one and only step:
Remove an area the same width of the flash with an exacto knife.

The diffused difference:

Without the diffuser - Too stark

With Diffuser - Must softer

Photographer Beware: You may want to close your eyes just before you snap the shot. The diffuser, if not tight enough, can reflect the light back toward you a bit. Consider yourself warned!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Love Scott's face in the first pic. Too funny. After reading your post in my Google Reader, litterally two posts later, I see this one on beyondmegapixels about a flash diffuser.