Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday - Nighttime

Love with a laser pointer in a dark bathroom
(and a 3 second shutter speed)

The canal adjacent to the Historical Society just before sunrise.

Indy skyline looking down Ohio Street

Indiana State House just before sunrise

That wraps up another exhausting and amazing photo week. Thanks to everyone who participated! I was amazed at the variety of pictures this taken week! Nice work.

Now I need to pass the photo week host torch to out east coast-baking wiz-photographer friend, Jen. She'll pick a week sometime in the future and announce the next photo week challenge. Check her blog or back here for updates.

Keep on shooting!


CrazyBunnyLady said...

Very nice pictures.

Jen said...

Ok first of all, GREAT pics Steph. How did you do that first one? Do you have a tripod? Love it.

Second of all, thanks for passing the torch on to me. Holy crap I have to think up a theme now...

Beth Carter said...

Steph sweet pics. I love the first one and like Jen want to know how the heck you did that one. Way to rap the week up with that.

Sara said...

Bravo! What's even more amazing than the lazer pointer pic is that you are downtown early enough to see the sunrise! You crazy, crazy woman. Thanks for a great photo week!

Amy Kingman said...

Gorgeous photos!

Martin said...

Awesome pics you really know how to get a great angle.