Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday - Action

One of the many fountains along the canal

Food coloring sinking in water

Okay, these are both water related. I'm having photographer's block today...
does that even exist?!

Don't forget tomorrow, our last day of this photo week, is Nighttime!

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Scott W. said...

Love the food coloring shot!

Beth Carter said...

I understand about the photo block I had somewhat the same deal. I see we took just about the same piture too. Oh well it happens. I really like the food coloring as well very neat idea.

smitty4284 said...

WOW! It's like you and Beth think a lot alike. Good idea on the food coloring.

Jen said...

I hear ya! That was me on Wednesday. Nice pics

Sara said...

Way to step up the creativity with the food color!