Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Next Picture Week!

September 15th, mark your calendars and check out my awesome count down!

While I'm here, a picture of Lex...I thought the lighting turned out really nice. What a sad sack!


Sara said...

That picture totally breaks my heart! She clearly is not getting enough love or just does not like being a model. I think she deserves an extra treat for such a sad face.

Any hints for the next picture week theme? Way to go on the countdown. That is some spiffy stuff. Who says the New Year's Eve ball gets all the attention?

Beth Carter said...

Steph even though it is a sad picture of Lex it is still a sweet picture. I love the lighting. It looks like you are more and more like a pro every day.

I am with Sara on the countdown. That is pretty sweet.

Jen said...

Love the new blog btw. I might do color week this week since I was a slacker last time. Is that allowable?