Friday, May 15, 2009

Photo Week - Checkered Flag Style

Is it me, or does time go by insanely fast?! We're already here at Friday, the photo finish day of this Photo Week.  

The challenge this week was to take pictures inspired by the high contrast black and white checkered flag that will be waiving someone to victory next Sunday at the Indianapolis 500. 

This first picture is actually primarily black and white, for the other two I removed the color afterwards. These are flowers from a Lilly of the Valley plant we have out in the yard. 

What I love about black and white photography is how shapes and composition catch the eye. Black and whites always look so graphic. Love'em! 


Jen said...

OMG yes time flies! Can't believe it's Friday already. Great pics. I LOVE the second one.

Sue said...

Oh, i'm so sad. I just now saw about the photo week.:(
Great shots though. You're right, those leaves just pop out!

Darling Kelsey said...

It's amazing what black and white does for texture too... Like those bulbs in the 2nd pic

Sara Therese said...

Beautiful lilly of the valley! Great shots. I love the month of May! Are we Carb Daying it Up?