Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Greatest Spectacle in Parades

Okay, that's a lie, there are technically two greater spectacles in parades... allegedly... But can you see 33 race car drives, a caveman, and a dragon at the freak'n Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? I doubt it! Only at the 500 Festival Parade can you take in that kind of diversity.

Here's my fave shots from the day:

That dragon had just eaten a young man and he doesn't chew very well...

This is my very favorite of the day. 
I managed to get the officer's face nearly in focus and capture the movement!

Yes, that is a caveman sitting next to Paul Tracey!
The lengths teams will go to in order to please a sponsor is amazing.

The Monument reflected in a tuba.

The view from our seats.


Jen said...

Great pics Steph. Love the one of the cop.

Sara Therese said...

You know it has my vote for greatest spectacle in parades! Great pictures. The motorcycle pic rocks my socks off. Oh May in Indy. :)

Beth Carter said...

Nice pics, the motorcycle pic is totally my favorite. If I took that it would have been a blur. Great job.

Darling Kelsey said...

Apparently it was a big deal for the 'caveman' to come out. Paul Tracey said that guy is in high demand and he was really grateful he came out to do the parade and race. Who knew?

1915buffalo said...

nice pictures.
i'd love to see the others if there are any. you take such interesting pics.
thanks for sharing.