Sunday, May 10, 2009

Photo Week - Checkered Flag Style

May in Indy is an exciting time, so much happening even if you're not a racing fan. And now that I've got the mini-marathon under my belt, I'm ready to take in the rest of the other festivities the month has to offer. So I'm thinking, let's do this thing right with a Black and White Photo Week. You know, Black and White, like a checkered flag...yeah? Who's with me?!

Here's the plan: Shoot all week and post'em on Friday for a photo finish...sorry, had to do it.

What's a Photo Week without a kick off shot? 


Amy Kingman said...

Awe I love this! Sounds awesome!

Sara Therese said...

I'm two days behind, but I'm in. Consider my engine started. Vroom! Vroom!