Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A week of composition

For Amy's Photo Week, the topic of interest was composition. I found this to be quite the challenge. The idea was to pick a principle of composition to focus on for the week and shoot with it in mind.

I pretty much failed at this concept! It felt really unnatural to me for some reason. So, I modified the concept a bit. The week was spent shooting whatever I found interesting, then examining the pics I like best, and figuring out which composition principle drew me to the photograph.

Not too surprising, two of my favorite shots I would consider in the realm of lines and curves. Of course, they all have multiple principles within them, but I feel these first two are dominated by lines.

This final shot I would consider negative space in action...

If you want to see the rest of my favs, check out my set on Flikr.


Jen said...

great pics Steph! I love lines and curves myself.

Sara Therese said...

great stuff, steph! i'm with you on the challenge of that challenge! i like the approach you took. that first pic of the white fence is my favorite. buen trabajo!