Monday, November 24, 2008

The house work texture repeat! (finally...)

For awhile now, I've been wanting to experiment with texture repeats like those done by Daisy Janie. Finally, this weekend, while touching up some paint in the kitchen, I pulled out a can of paint dated 2005, which was suppose to be a mossy green. Low and behold, after so many years on the shelf the colors had separated out, and as I stirred the can, a beautiful swirl formed and within that my first texture repeat!

The original swirl

The finished product after 3 flips in photoshop.
(I really like the hearts that formed in the repeat.)

The next picture is just a shot I had to take today. After such a foggy, gloomy day, as soon as I got home, this was out my back door. The skies really rallied at the end!

Pink clouds on the horizon


Sara said...

That is awesome, Steph! I like your pattern better than all of those on her site. The color is so vibrant. You're quite the photoshop guru these days!

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Thanks for trying out a texture repeat. Nothing to it!! And addictive. I used to paint for a living - so I've seen many cans of old paint like this! What a great image to use!!!!

To Sara - thanks for taking a peek at my texture repeats (it was very nice of Steph to reference my idea & website). As a textile designer by trade, it's nothing more than a fun exercise in exploring arrangement possibities. Creative experimentation are vital to my career. It's never about the color play or vibrance - but simply how something can be manipulated, which in turn sparks 20 other ideas...sort of like brainstorming. Try it out!!