Thursday, November 20, 2008

Almond Joy Hot Cocoa

Here is another great Hungry Girl recipe from today's newsletter. (Yes, I was so psyched, I stopped on the way home to get everything.) Think warm Almond Joy with a kick! This is a seriously splendid drink!!

1 package Hot Chocolate Mix
(I used the fat free mix and it was still great!)
Shot and a Half Coconut Rum
Drop of Almond Extract
Whipped Topping


Get Ingredients

Boil the Water

Mix together, top with whip, enjoy!

Small tip: Use a larger than normal coffee cup...


Jen said...

I want to come over and have some! BTW, I like your new header. I need a more creative one...

oneshop said...

Making it right now !!

Amy Kingman said...

Oh my gosh that looks soooo yummy!

Sara said...

This reminds me that my brother left rum at my house. I now know how to put it to good use!!