Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday - Yellow

Flowers on Monument Circle

Neon sign at the Off Track Betting parlor

The locus book club reads Mr. Happy

World's Eleventh Largest Ear of Corn, Wilson's Market on US 31


Beth said...

Nice Pics Steph. I am really going to have to step my game up. I love the ear of corn, I am glad you kept that one for your page.

Amy Kingman said...

Ok... the corn is FREAKIN awesome! I REALLY love the photo of the 4 as well. Super artsy! You've got an eye, Wagner. Can't wait to see your greens!

Amy Kingman said...

ok... I love the monument AND the bug shots as well! Dude, great round!!!!

Sara said...

Not to mention the patriotic undertones of the American flag behind the corn. The Lebfest Committee would be proud.

Agree with Amy on the number 4. I had a totally different feel on it until I read "off track betting." Somehow I was picturing it in a much more chic setting. That means you did an awesome job making it look really unique.

Anonymous said...

we took a picture of the same thing! the yellow flowers on the circle up at the monument! :) i bet we were on opposite sides of the circle at the same time ;) i wondered if i'd run into you out there!

the country life said...

Nice ear of corn. You should have taken a picture of the tub of butter they dip that thing in. haha. Nice work