Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday - Orange

Stink pipe at the corner of Washington and Senate, Indianapolis

Barricade along the road south of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Death by Nintendo

Wild beast hunts prey in the backyard


Angie Atkinson said...

Your photography is very intense. It's clear that you've got an artistic soul and I hope to see more from you! I love the color week idea. Keep 'em coming!

the country life said...

Oh..Oooo... crime sneaks into our blog and it's only tuesday. I liked the death photo. It was real interesting.

Sue said...

Death by Nintendo made me laugh out loud at my desk. 
I am very impressed with your awesome photography skills.

Sara said...

You make a stink pipe look classy.

That's an awesome action shot of Lexie. How dare you call her beast! I won't tell her, but it will cost you.

No words for Nintendo. Everyone else beat me to it. Okay, I'll say ridiculous. Way to step up the creativity. You've set the bar on orange

Amy Kingman said...

Sara said it best when she said you make a stink pipe look classy! I was thinking the same thing!

So are you a widow now? Is that Scott's hand?!

Lovely orange photos Steph, love the range in subject matter and tone!