Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Garden Request

When the greenest gal I know asks to see some pictures of the garden, I'm happy to oblige. These are for you, Sara!

It's not the nice serene spot your garden is, it's more like Little Shop of Horrors garden. Sure it produces a lot but pretty soon it's going to be wanting blood to stay alive!

Maybe we planted a little too close. The two of us aren't really known for under doing something...

These Zinnias aren't in the garden, but I did grow them from a seed.

Home Grown Tomatoes = Awesomeness Squared

The corn I thought was a goner after a wind storm managed to stand itself back up.

This pic is what reminds me of Little Shop.

Finally, the dill slices I made last night. T-2 weeks!


Sara Therese said...

Awesome is an understatement! You have a great spread; it all looks so lush. The corn is Indiana proud. Thanks for the pics and the sweet shout out. :)

Ashley said...

steph...the absurdly long green onions you gave us were so great! they have lasted too...still eating them. :)

Stephanie Wagner said...

Thanks, guys! I'll bring some zucchini bread (or muffins) next weekend. We've got zucchinis the size of an arm already!